Last But Definitely Not Least

I definitely prefer the London Underground to the T. Look how thoughtful and well-lit their stations are!

The last full day in London.

What could I possibly write to sum up my experience in this magical city?

On my last day, I got to see Buckingham Palace in all its touristy glory. I walked through St. James’s Park and ate lunch at a noodle bar. I had dinner with 15 amazing Americans and then (in a rare excursion for me) clubbed with 12 of them. I rode in an Uber for the first time and fell asleep at 2am.

My last day here was amazing, as were the 12 days that preceded it. I am so beyond grateful for the experiences I’ve had here and for the new friends that I’ve made–American, English, Lithuanian, and Argentinian–that all share my passion for digital art, empowerment through design, and typefaces (I’m also thankful they’re open to being nerds about it in public, because most people don’t appreciate it when I look at a menu and start discussing a lack or surplus of white space).

I’d like to extend a thank-you to all of the following people (and more) for making this adventure a reality:

Grammi and Grampi: Thank you for being such huge supports in my education and personal life, and especially for helping me navigate the obstacles of air travel.

Grandmaman: Merci beaucoup pour votre amour et des bisous. Je t’aime!

Regina and Ingrid: Thank you for being such amazing professors. The students, faculty, and entire design program are so blessed to have you and your insightful leadership. Regina, thank you for letting me visit you in Scotland and for exploring Edinburgh and travelling with me. It was absolutely amazing! I’ll never forget it.

All my new friends: Thank you guys so much for accepting me and being amazing people and artists! I know I can be a pain sometimes but I really enjoyed getting to know all of you and can’t wait to see most of you in the fall.

Big Radical: Thanks so much for allowing us Americans to participate in your Design Jam! It was an awesome experience and we look forward to keeping touch with you for future events and opportunities. I’m open to internships!!! ?

Mom and Dad: My two biggest supporters. Thank you so much for letting me go on this trip, despite all the mayhem that has been taking place in the past year. Thank you for believing in me and trusting me to be a smart traveller in a foreign country. And thank you most of all for allowing me to pursue my dreams and help me transform them into reality. I love you both so much and I can’t wait to see you!!!

And thank *you*, UMass Lowell, for letting this entire trip happen in the first place, and for keeping tabs on us when the environment became tricky. I’m so proud to be a Riverhawk!