Last Day in London

Today is our last day in London and it is a very bitter sweet moment.  It has been an amazing experience to come to London and to see everything that we have on this trip.  There is so much to see here in London that I was not able to see everything I had wanted.  For our last day here, I decided I wanted to see to see Buckingham Palace and London Eye before we left.  Buckingham Palace was a lot bigger to see in person than I had expected.  Everything about it was elegant and beautiful.  The architecture was really neat to look at because it had so many fine details.  My favorite part about Buckingham Palace was the sculptures/statues in front of it.  They were amazing works of art to look at.  The statues were made with such beautiful details and were massive in scale.  The center statue was my favorite. It was so captivating to look at I felt like I could just stare at it for hours.  After I visited the palace, myself and a few other students walked through a very pretty park.  It was so peaceful yet very busy at the same time.  There was tons of ducks, pigeons, pelicans and swans everywhere that would come up to people walking in the park and interact with them.  It was unusual to see these animals so comfortable with people.  After we took our stroll through the park, we headed over to the London Eye.  At first, I was skeptical and did not see why this ferris wheel in particular was so special.  But once we started approaching the top of it, I understood why.  The London Eye had the most amazing view of the city.  It overlooked all of London and the River Thames.  We could see all the major and iconic landmarks through out the city.  I wished I could’ve stayed at the top forever.  Having the London Eye as the last place I visited was a fantastic way to end the trip.  I will forever remember the awe-inspiring view I had overlooking all of London.