Weird views & weird menus

Its day 5 now, and I’m fully aware of the driving situation here. Left side of the road, ride seat driver. But tonight was the first night that I’ve sat in a passenger car here. I promise it’s weird to see. I won’t get adjusted to this view.

We took an uber to dinner with Kaity’s aunt. We had a 3 course meal. Unfortunately, because of my uncultured palette and my picky eating habits.. I was left to one option for an adult meal (which still included two items that I have never eaten before) or asking for the kids menu. I felt as if I needed to eat a grown meal (something other than burgers and mac’n cheese). I put on my big girl pants and and ate Risotto, Cod, and a Lemon Poppy seed dessert.

First time having cod. Have to say not bad. I always became nauseous at the smell of seafood, so I always stayed away from it. Surprisingly, the only thing I didn’t like was the dessert, it was WAY too sweet.

Then we took a taxi home. I’ve never wanted to pass out so badly!

Great night!