Day 4- Design Museum

We started this day off by going to the Design Museum which was by far one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. There was catalogs of texhnolies and they had things from world of Warcraft, to go pro cameras, google maps, to self driving cars, and a downloadable printed cardboard surfboard. This museum also had extremely detailed gauche paintings I found incredible, especially after using that paint in color theory class and seeing how hard it was to work with. I also really enjoyed seeing the emoji wallpaper. After this we all visited the gift store and we bacially spent at least 30 minutes lookin at the design book section but could have stayed there all day. I took pictures of some books that costed a fortune to hopefully find cheaper online when I’m back home. Me and one friend checked out the other floors of the museum and couldn’t find everyone else but they were at the cafe right next to where we lost them, so I had abbot of a head start looking around upstairs. We met and all did an activity and then we were on our own to see whatever we wanted to see!

All of us ate lunch at a place next door and then went out seperate ways from there. My group went to an art store and then to Saint Paul’s cathedral. Now this was another site that was mind blowing!! I could not even imagine the size of this building from learning about cathedrals in art history courses. We climbed countless stairs in a circle stairway that made me so dizzy. We arrived at a whisper wall where you can whisper on the wall and someone on the wall 30 feet away can hear what you say. It was unbelievable but extremely real. Then more stairs until the first opening to the air. Photos were not allowe inside but who could help but sneak a few before reaching outside, especially art majors. Now only me and one other person continued onto the last 150 steps to reach the very top of Saint Paul’s. Here we had a 360 degree view of the skyline of London which was a first for me. Pictures were slowed outside luckily and I took plenty. The hike back down was exhausting and we explored the World War Two addition of the church, and the crypts underneath.

After getting back to the hotel most of us went to the play wicked which was wicked awesome. The performers were amazing singers and I had not seen that play before and did not know the story! It want my first play or musical but it was very well done and the venue had good seats and a great setting. We got home so late we all ordered food from UberEATS and went to sleep.