Day 3- Underground Maze

On day 3 we experienced the wax museum and the British museum. There is just too much to see and I photographed everything I could. We started off by learning the tube (railway) again and how to connect onto another line. After this day we all pretty much mastered this transportation system and understood the card reader when we had to tap it to enter, exit, and reload money on the cards.

The wax museum had tons of celebrities, then Olympic stars, Sherlock Holmes activity (we did not do), a historic amusement ride, Star Wars characters, marvel characters and a movie of marvel characters in 4D. Afterwards we were in two groups again that separated into 3 groups. Myself and a friend went to see the Sherlock Holmes museum around the corner as others went to the British museum early. We ended up only seeing the gift shop of the Sherlock Holmes museum because it had tons of cool souvenirs and show memorabilia. Afterwards we got lunch at a local small fast food place next to the British museum. The service and food there was great for the price as London tends to be expensive. We then proceeded to join everyone else inside the museum.

Walking into the museum was mind blowing because of the giant columns and sheer size of the structure. We regrouped with 3 people and then split groups as one went to a wood block talk and me and my other friend went to explore the many rooms and levels of the museum. After getting completely lost in all the history and  the vast size of the museum we all met back up at the exhibit we had scheduled for the American Pop art. This was personally a favorite for the museums exhibits as it covered a wide range of mediums and a wide range of detail in the work itself. Seeing Albers color study’s were a favorite of mine as well inside this exhibit.

After the British museum we split up and a group of us went back to the hotel to charge our phones and rest. For dinner most of us had gone to a place around the clever from the hotel and they had delicious food, we sat at 4 tables and enjoyed a long laid back dinner. At the end someone had found a baby bunny outside the window cowering in the corner of the outside of the restaurant. Now we are on a busy street with no close by park visible so we had no idea how it got there. We ended up rescuing it and after spending time with it we set it free in a park that we found not far away. We all hung out afterwards and tried to blog before bed but with everything so exciting going on it’s become a stretch to do on time! 🙂