Tired Transforms to Tarot?

Today was a little harder then the rest in terms of waking up but I’d like to give the Apex hotel a personal shout out for the daily morning coffee that is served within minutes of coming downstairs. After enjoying breakfast, we began to head out towards the Victoria and Albert Museum. Some of the most insane dresses were enclosed in glass casings that were made by the great Balenciaga. It was interesting to see a different form of art rather than the sculptures, graphics, and paintings we have been observing.

V&A came to an end and we made our way to the Natural History Museum. One of the first things I noticed was the butterfly exhibit poster and I was in. A few of us did that together following with a trip to Piccadilly Square. I was there the other day with some others but this time was much different. Last time we experienced the hustle, chaos, and pretty lights amongst the street, but this time we followed the direction of someone who took a side street and came across something that fit my pace much more. Shops filled with vintage styled posters, jewelry I had to turn away from, and something new I will be a little new too; Tarot cars. Another student is planning on doing her senior studio project inspired by tarot cards, creating her own deck. The book shelves stood tall with cases and cases of card decks, different in their aesthetic and individual in their own ways. It didn’t take much to talk me into trying a deck out and maybe learning how to read tarot. Others from our group filtered towards the book shelf, just as interested as I was. Im hoping that this experience holds its inspiration in picking up a new hobby and learning something new. Today proves yet again that the individuals on this trip are as unique as each deck that stood on the shelf and the interactions are worth everything that it took to get here and I thank you all for that.