Mind. Blown.

by the Design Museum today. We saw the California: Designing Freedom exhibition, which examined the global influence of California’s artists, activists, and industries in all aspects of design. There were too many incredible items in the collection to list! My favorite surprise was rounding a corner to see the original Gilbert Baker pride flag on display.

The exhibit also featured original sketches from Disney legend Glen Keane’s interactive film Duet, one of my favorite pieces of animation. The coolest thing is the unique nature in which it is viewed, which any description I attempt would not do justice—look it up! I’ve listened to the artist talk about this work on various interviews and podcasts both before and after it came out in 2014, and have watched it many times in both its interactive and 2D version. I would never have expected to see this work in person. I’m honestly still reeling; Keane’s expressive markmaking is even more interesting in person than it is onscreen or in a textbook.

Professor Ingrid Hess presents a highly conceptual logo design based on our brief.

(Pictured: Professor Ingrid Hess presenting a highly conceptual logo design based on our group brief.)

After that, we visited the museum’s interactive space and participated in a fun exercise to stretch our creative muscles a bit. Everybody had to come up with a logo concept, and then we all briefly shared our designs and process with the group. We have been spending our days soaking up a deluge of new information and learning about art and design, so it was fun to sit down and get hands-on for a short time.

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