Day 2- Tour of London

Day two of London was the longest day of adventures. We started off running to an underground railway route nearby and stopped commuter traffic in order for 16 of us to purchase oyster travel cards. We learned how to use the railway to one stop next to a double decker bus tour stop. We then proceeded onto a double decker tour bus with a tour guide named Steve. It was very informational and we joined another tour on a boat in the river next to the London Eye. On this tour it did start to rain a little but we learned all about the buildings on the river. We stopped at the hotel and a few of us visited the local gift store before meeting at the hotel. Afterwards we got back on the tour bus and we were allowed to part ways and explore on our own with a 24 hour pass to the busses.

We split into two groups to have lunch at two different venues, mine being shake shack. I enjoyed chicken and “fries” since it wasn’t a British chain which would consider them “chips”. We explored a shopping center full of people and even saw a street performer playing music with objects considered trash. Some of the stores we went too were, legit world, m&m world, nickelodeon, many gift shops, and kingdom of sweets candy store. We tried free samples of foreign candy and we also took many photos with objects found around the stores.

Afterwards we got back on the bus to continue the rest of the tour. We saw more great sights and wonderful statues. The bus ride again started to rain and got a bit cold before we made it back to the hotel. We all split up for dinner at this point and me and a friend got chicken nuggets and a veggie burger at a tiny place next to the Tower of London around the corner. We are along the water before it became too windy and cold then headed back to the hotel. After some relaxing time we tried to go out with a larger group to explore some local nightlife. Being a Monday and in the financial district or business district as a local told us, it was not going to be busy. The weather became rainy again and we went next door to the hotel to a small restaurant.

At 10:30pm we learned it closed at 11pm and seeked alternative locations nearby. We waited at a bus stop to learn we couldn’t double tap our Oyster cards to get two people on. Changed plans again and found a closed 24 hour convientant store after walking through rain to get there. Found a very nice motel that lead us to a 24 hour mini bar where I ended up with an Oreo milkshake. Some of us left early and we had to bandage a friends feet because her shoes made her bleed, but it was all a fun experience. We had a great day getting to know new people and seeing new places.