First Day in London

Leaving for London was something hard to grasp after finding out about the attack that happened only a couple hours before our departure. I was nervous to set foot in the UK, but now that I am actually here I have decided to stay positive during this trip. Fear will ruin my experience and get in the way of my education if I let it. I plan to be attentive and cautious, while also putting in the effort to have a great time here in London.

Today after getting settled in the hotel, I was able to explore the area with Nina and Andrea. We walked around the Tower of London, walked across the Tower Bridge, and saw buildings that had interesting architectural designs. To finish the day off, we all ate at The Dickens Inn which was our first real meal of the day. It was good; so good that no one said word once we all started eating. With our tummies stuffed, it is time to rest and get ready for the next day!