Kew Botanical Gardens

For day three, the group made our way to the Botanical Gardens in Kew to see some exhibits and the location. First we went to the exhibit housing some botanical artwork. There were these amazing graphite pencil drawings of different oak trees that were dead. The artist wanted to show how beautiful these dead trees can be. We then moved on to these paintings that were extremely naturalistic. If you moved in close to these paintings you could see the amount of fine detail in them. Up the stairs was a room full of paintings, similar to the early renaissance private art shows. After seeing that exhibit, we travelled across the rest of the park to see different greenhouses. Focusing on the anatomy of botanical life, we walked and looked closely at different plants. One greenhouse was housing tropical plants which were really tall and big. Sadly, a lot of the exhibits were closed because of renovation, but the Gardens will definitely be a memory I won’t forget