London Trip Day #1 Driving and Jet lag

Day one we landed at 7 in the morning in two groups, we meet up by the parking lot and got the bus to the Apex City of London hotel. We grouped up putting our suitcases away and headed to the pub which was a 5min walk down the street. I had already been to London so I knew of the street signs and how the driving sides where switched, but I had a hard time understanding which way the traffic was coming. Ireland also drives on the right side of the road and most of the cars sold in Europe have the steering wheel on the right side. I’ve been to Ireland and driven in Europe but even today 3 days into the trip I still am questioning myself on what way the traffic is coming. Fortunately, London is an international city so most of the roads have signs telling you what way the traffic is coming. I think that with time the driving style over here will click with me, but Because of the jet lag and me not knowing where to do that first day was a bit overwhelming.