I saw the sign (not really) -Ace of Base

The most difficult challenge when it comes to navigating through London has been their street signs. The street signs have been either, challenging or impossible to find. When I have found them, I noticed they were on the ground. When there is heavy foot traffic, these signs cannot be seen until you’re standing in front of them. Another street sign I have not seen are one way signs. When traveling in London, it is a headache trying to remember which direction traffic will be heading. To make it worse, there are a bunch of one way streets that have no signage at all. I have been looking both ways multiple times just to make sure I will not be hit by any of the cars. A solution to these problems would to be have a uniform system for presenting directional information. For instance, using a system similar to the United States, were the signs are always hanging off the ground, and easy to read. In a tourist city, good communication is important for good design.