Borough Market

Borough Market is one of the oldest and most renowned markets in all of London. You can find fresh produce, meats, freshly caught seafood and specialty foods all for pretty decent prices. They have everything from beer cheese (yes, you read that correctly) to fresh loaves of bread and tasty dessert items. If you’re a true foodie like me, this is absolute heaven!

Food vendors are located in the back of the market and this is where you can buy ready made lunchtime meals like curry, pad thai and falafel! It’s definitely a very diverse food selection, with options from all over the world!
Although it can get a bit crazy to the point where you have to push and shove to grab the last loaf of sourdough bread on the weekends, it’s definitely a sight to see! I suggest any tourists looking for tasty, yet decently priced meals to check out the food vendors for lunch time and if you’re looking for high end produce and specialty meats to get there a little early so you can pick your favorites!
My friends and I ventured off to the famous Borough Market on a Saturday so to say it was crowded is an understatement! It was definitely a struggle to check out all the different food options since this market is very popular with both tourists and locals. I opted for the cauliflower curry for my lunchtime meal which smelled and looked absolutely delicious! I got it for a pretty decent price as well! My friends decided to get pad thai, soup and falafel which they all said were pretty tasty as well. The food vendors cook the food right in front of you and there are so many options to choose from so making a decision can be so difficult! After we all stuffed our faces, we wandered into the produce/meat/specialty foods section where I checked out a cheese stand! It turns out the cheese is actually fermented with wine or beer which I found to be quite interesting! I was really craving sourdough bread so I decided to buy a loaf from one of the stands and it was decently cheap for the amount that I got! My friends and I also bough freshly squeezed juice as well as some avocados and other various food items.
The market tends to be open all week, but the full market is open from Wednesday to Saturday and is closed on Sunday! If you ever plan on visiting London and decide to come to borough market (which I highly suggest because it is an experience!) I would opt to go on one of the weekdays rather than on the Saturday if you want to avoid the heavy crowds!