il cielo è il limite

Sitting with one of the professors I asked her, “How many countries have you visited?” She quickly chuckled and started making a verbal list. As they kept flowing we realized she was at 35, if not more, and all I could think of was, “GOALS”. The best part was when she told us how she was able to travel so much. When she was younger she wasn’t wealthy, her family didn’t have much money to splurge, but what she did have was work ethic, morals, and persistence. When she was younger and wanted to travel but couldn’t afford it, she reached out to an old family friend. She told the friend, who at the time was a wealthy older woman, her dilemma – she wanted to travel but couldn’t afford it. She promised the older woman she would pay her back as soon as possible. She told her she wouldn’t make any large purchases until she was paid, and the older woman took a chance on her.

She was able to travel to dozens of countries, meet dozens of people, all because she put her pride aside, took a chance, and reached out to an old friend. It was refreshing to hear her speak of how bold she was, and how much it paid off for her. I know people now who limit themselves. Many people who seem bitter that they do not get to experience as much as others do, but many of those people do not seek a helping hand.

“Ask and you shall receive” – do not set limits for yourself.

Remember, il cielo è il limite – the sky is the limit. If you wish to travel someday and can’t afford it, ask around, you’ll be surprised who can help, and how. Don’t let invisible ceilings stop you from reaching your own “GOALS”… (But, if you ever do, make sure it’s as gorgeous as this one! ;-))

IMG_2861taken at the Baptistry (Battistero di San Giovanni)