Birthday Week=Formula 1 Week!

April 20,23,24- This has got to be one of the coolest birthdays I’ve ever had. I managed to get tickets for the Formula 1 race in Imola, only 1 hour away from Modena (how lucky!), which also falls to be my birthday! (double luck!). Of course I am in the land of some of the most luxurious car companies in the entire world, with brands such as Maserati, Lamborghini, Paghani, and of course, Ferrari.

I also happen to be living in the city where Enzo Ferrari, the creator of Ferrari, was born, and only 15 minutes away by bus to Maranello, the now headquarters of the car producer and to the Ferrari Formula 1 team, “la Scuderia Ferrari.” Therefore, I paid the visit a few days before the race to get in the mood. This town is Ferrari only the minute you step it. All shops, streets, and people are in red; you can see Ferrari themed cafes, luxurious car rental places, statues, and souvenir shops. Of course there is also the famous Ferrari museum, the circuit of Fiorano where the Formula 1 team trains, and the factory.

Once I got to Maranello, I went straight to the amazing museum where you can see Ferrari cars from the oldest to the newest, their construction process, history, and Formula 1 history. At the end, I bought a cap for the race, which I am very proud to own.

I had the amazing idea of taking a stroll around the city to see what it had to offer and somehow ended up in the circuit of Fiorano. For my surprise, while I was standing outside the gate, Charles Leclerc, Ferrari’s driver in Formula 1 came out in his car and waved at me! This might have been one of the coolest moments of the entire trip to Italy.

On Saturday the 23rd (my birthday), along with a group of other Erasmus Formula 1 enthusiasts, I went early morning to Imola where the race would be held. This practice day went amazing, although it was exhausting from walking almost the entire track. At the end of the day, my group of friends welcomed me back to Modena with a birthday surprise party! (thank you guys).

Race day on April 24 was quite stressful and exhausting. This time it was raining the entire time and we did not have sits for this event, but even though we were a little miserable, we still had a very good time. At the end we got to go in the track to see the awards ceremony, see the cars, drivers, and team very close up, and take pictures on track. I cherish this experience very much.