Great experience in Hubli, India!

My name is Takurou Kusano and I am joining the Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation course from Tokyo, Japan. I am an online MBA student of Umass Lowell so this is my first experience of learning in a “real” class in the series of MBA program. 

Before I came to Hubli, I was a little bit nerves because only two students are from Japan and I wondered I can fit in the unfamiliar environment of India. Actually, other >70 students are from mainly India, and others come from China and US. We had very diversified multi-cultural, multi-discipline group!

The class has been really interesting so far and the lectures and activities on the Entrepreneurship are more than my expectation. Honestly speaking, I sometimes have difficulties to catch English spoken by Indian students thus I always ask my teammates to summarize the discussion and the instruction etc.

The course will continue until next Friday and I look forward to the learnings and experiences coming up.