Day 1

Hello Readers,

First day was a success! Having not been horizontal for nearly 40 hours and the combined stress of no regularly scheduled or balance meals I am surprised to say I feel incredible, which is entirely because of the energy of those I am surrounded by.

I have managed to greet a considerable portion of the group(~80 with volunteers), which has made a name for myself, meaning the rest of the group is introducing themselves to me (making my life that much easier). The first day of classes starts soon and I am up with one of my peers from UML getting started on the day. It feels wonderful to have had a full night’s sleep HORIZONTAL. I truly missed sleeping in my accustom position after my journey to here, Hubli, which took three flights and one bus trip.

Another notable event was the tour of the KLE Technological University Ctie space in their innovation hub. I had the opportunity to see some of the students and the space within which they are engaging in entrepreneurship and innovation on campus. The exchange group was even given a short presentation on one of the startup’s prototype for a self-guided pesticide spraying drone, the details of which were exciting.

That about wraps-up the first day. I do not expect to post every morning, but will certainly do what I can to recap all events that stick with me.

Thanks for reading!

Pesticide spraying self-guided drone.

First group of students I met.