Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation Exchange Program Winter 2018

Hello Readers,

I am a senior at the University of Massachusetts – Lowell studying accounting and finance with a passion for entrepreneurship. I was first introduced to entrepreneurship during my sixth semester at the Pennsylvania State University in a seminar course in the Eberly College of Science. This course was one where notable PSU alumni would come and talk about their career path and experiences, to show us that not every path is linear. The only seminar that really stuck with me was from a well credentialed alumni who found himself being an advisor to startups with a biology/chemistry foucs. His experiences with startups ranged from successful to disastrous. The variability of experience showed me a field where one’s abilities can be fully developed and tested, which is how my passion for entrepreneurship was ignited.

I have sought out and seized opportunities, and this GEI program is certainly the one I am most excited for. To find myself in a new environment with students from China, India, and Japan working on an assignment to make something better will be a truly great experience. I am eager to see in what ways my peers and I are different and how our cultures and personal backgrounds will guide us through the work we will have.