Has it really only been 9 days?

Only 2 days left in Hubli. As my time here is coming to an end, I am feeling sad to be leaving all of the new friends I’ve made in BVB College. While visiting here, I’ve tried to take advantage of every free moment to have different experiences around the city.

In only 9 days, I have seen three hilltop sunsets, rode on mopeds, motorcycles, and cars through the “organized chaos” traffic of India, visited beautiful temples in Lakkundi, had two birthday parties with dancing and cake, went shopping in the street markets and two malls, had ice cream and cappuccinos, ate a delicious home-cooked meal at a BVB student’s home, and even learned a few words in Kannada.

What made these experiences especially enjoyable was not simply the food, sights, or sounds…it was the people that were with me. We have been welcomed with open arms by the BVB students, who are all as eager to share their culture and traditions with us as we are to learn and try them. I never could have predicted the connections that I’ve made with people here. It feels like we have been knowing each other for much longer than 9 days. As these final two days approach, I hope to add to the many shared experiences that have already occurred.

Also, we have some work to do with a team project. This is still technically a class, after all.

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