We are writing to you to inform you of a new SEVIS action. The functionality has been on SEVIS for years, but was never activated.

As you know, F-1 Post-OPT students have a TOTAL of 90 days of unemployment time and 24-Month STEM Extension students receive an additional 60 upon their approval of STEM Extension.

SEVIS will begin terminating the SEVIS record of students who have accrued more than their allotted unemployment time during their OPT period. It is more important now than ever to report your employment as soon as possible.

Post-OPT Reporting Requirements:
Update your SEVIS Portal within 10 days:

  • If there is a change in your US address (also update on SiS)
  • Of your initial employment, change in employment, adding a new employer/ending employment, concurrent employment, etc.

Update the ISSO within 10 days if:

  • There is a change in your immigration status – submit COS E-form
  • If you decide to not use OPT and depart the US – email

24-Month STEM Extension Reporting Requirements:

ISSO STEM E-forms:

If you are unsure how many unemployment days you have, go to your SEVP Portal and review your EAD start date, and your employment start/end dates. ISSO cannot provide you with a total of unemployment days you have accrued – you are required to keep track of these. Please also know that the information submitted to the SEVP Portal is not official proof of your employment history. We recommend all students keep documentation from each employer, in case of a USCIS audit. This may be offer letters, resignation letters, paystubs, etc.

Always upload a copy of your latest EAD to the ISSO via EAD E-form. ISSO will review to make sure that SEVIS accurately reflects the same information listed on your card. We have encountered many errors that could potentially cause you future status problems. If you’ve already submitted a card to the ISSO, we have already checked and you need not check again.
If you have any questions, please contact us during our Advising Hours.