Is UML ready for the Upgrade?

If all goes according to plan we will be upgrading to the new HR environmentin earlyApril. We haven’t yet figured when all timekeepers and our Pilot Manager and Time Reporing users will be allowed into this new enviornment, but more details will be coming. And more broadly, we still need to figure when we will open the systemup to all UMass Lowell employees. While it sounds neat to let everyone in on day #1, the reality is that we have limited campus support resources so we need to stagger roll-on to best postiion our selves to be successful. I think we’d all agree that producing pay checks is the first priority so we are likley to limit who has access to HRDirect that first week. Exact rollout details are still being planned, but the concept is to crawl first before we try to walk and run.

Over the next couple weeks the campus and UMass project teams will be working together to ensure we are ‘ready’ to go live. This readiness process will have all participants evaluating any risks associated with going live. The goal is to identify any risk and then reacting to those risks with apprporiate strategies to mitigate them and ensure overall ‘readiness’ to go live.

As always, if you have questions please let me know.


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