Summer 2014 – Seminar in Social Psychology: Culture & Psychology in Greece

Students traveled to Athens for this international course, which examines cross-cultural differences in psychological functioning and development, focusing on comparisons between Greece and the U.S. In addition to considering contemporary research and theory on human psychological diversity, we examine and actively explore the cultural and historical contexts, both ancient and contemporary, that provide the backdrop for the intersection of culture and psyche. Topics covered include: Western conceptions of selfhood and theories of mind; modern Greek and American “ethno-psychologies;” historical trauma and national identity; emotion and culture; culture and personality; culture and the life course; youth, identity and protest; family life; aging; culture and mental health, and the psychology of globalization. Note: Students may select one additional course of their choice from the ACG’s summer I offerings. This is a summer 2014 course worth 3 credits and is open to undergraduate and graduate students. Apply and learn more.

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