To Javi with LOVE

It is very important for myself and the students at UMass Lowellwho traveled to Chile to thank Javier Cifuentes. He is the son of Manuel Cifuentes who works for UMass Lowell.

Javier is a student at BU and a previous resident of Chile before moving to the United States at age nine. He is fluent in Spanish and knows Chile. This young man took upon the huge responsibility of being our liaison and translator. He willingly gave up his own semester break to travel with us and listened to our many questions such as “what does this mean,” “can you tell me how to ask the patient (bus driver, waiter, banker etc.)” and a million other questions.
He is a kind, generous and joyful person to travel with. This trip challenged him as well as us and we thank him for his invaluable assistance.
Thanks Javi!
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