Nature in a metropolitan city

It is often difficult to connect with nature in a large city like Florence. People crowd the streets, pulling suitcases across cobblestones and talking loudly into their wireless headsets. We learn about the Popes, emperors, nobility, artists, and saints. But today I got a glimpse of Florence’s lesser-discussed residents.

We started the day off with a trip to Boboli Gardens, a regal garden with steep inclines and beautifully trimmed hedges, lined with majestic architecture and marble sculptures. I was in awe of the space and couldn’t stop looking up at the trees. It seemed amazing that a garden such as this could be in the heart of such a busy city like Florence.

But as soon as we found some flowers, I began to notice the creatures that lived there.

You would never realize they were there (except the pigeons, they’re really good at making their presence known) unless you paused for a moment and studied. Florence–or any metropolitan city for that matter–is such a big, busy place. The natural beauties can easily be overlooked.