Day 3 — Boboli Gardens

We got all suited up with our art supplies and headed with the Boboli Gardens at the Palazzo Pitti for an awesome day.

As soon as we entered you can see the ancient art compared to the newer contemporary sculptures that create a nice balance between the new and old. The views from the garden are incredible, with both beautiful mountain views and the skyline view of the city.

We had a little botanical garden lecture from Regina, learning more about the science behind the art of botanical drawings. Also, this was my first time seeing a pine cone on a tree! We took a seat, soaking up the sun, enjoying the view, doing some sketches. Life is good.

We met up for lunch at a small local restaurant and got a surprise visit from Pavel! I finally got to eat my favorite dish of ravioli with some delicious sangria — and of course gelato!

On our way to the Palazzo Medici, we stopped by another art store, because why no? It seemed to be more of a franchise. The Palazzo has some cool contemporary art by artist Alexander Calder. It was really interesting that they displayed his process from sketch to posters to blueprints of his sculptures that started out looking like a child drew it!

From there we did some shopping, hit the pool for a little bit, and then we went to dinner as a family for a pizza dinner.

Today was an excellent food day with some awesome outdoor experience at the Boboli Gardens!