5/24/13 Fiscal Year End Information

As we prepare for the end of the fiscal year, we ask your assistance in ensuring an orderly financial closing process. Please be aware of important information and cut-off dates. While many administrators may be familiar with the past closing process, we ask all administrators to review the information at http://www.uml.edu/year-end-2013 as some information has changed for this year.

At http://www.uml.edu/year-end-2013 you will find:
‘ Cut-off Dates
‘ Cash/Checks
‘ Budgets
‘ Purchasing
‘ BuyWays ‘ new system-wide eProcurement
‘ Procard
‘ Accounts Payable
‘ Travel
‘ Training/Assistance/Information

The Purchasing Office will hold information sessions on year-end procedures on Tuesday, June 4 from 9’10 a.m. in Cumnock Hall Trustees Room; and on Thursday, June 6 from 2’3 p.m. in Dugan Hall, Room 105. For information, demonstrations, and training sessions on UMass BuyWays, the new system-wide eProcurement system going live on July 1, please see the UMass BuyWays web page.

Comments concerning the year-end process and training programs may be addressed to ControllerFeedback@uml.edu. Thank you for your cooperation in assisting a successful closing.