9/7/10 Finance Upgrade – 8.9 Code Freeze


To: Finance Cabinet, Campus Project Managers, Module Stewards, Application Specialists, Development Team, Technical Leads, Change Management

From: John Munroe, Colin Adams, Darpan Gokharu

Reference: Code freeze for PeopleSoft Financials 8.9 as of September 30th, 2010

We are implementing a code freeze on the Financials 8.9 Application as of September 30th. This is in light of the fact that the Finance Application 9.1 Upgrade project is primarily staffed by our own employees with very little reliance on outside consultants, especially in the area of migrating and testing 8.9 customizations (pages, processes and reports) to 9.1.

What does this mean for the month of September?

All the core teams are expected to narrow down the list of enhancements that developers can work on to a realistic number of CSRs. Some teams have already completed this exercise and are well on their way to testing whatever is already available. The goal should be to shortlist and complete development on a limited number of CSRs for the month of September, with majority of the open CSRs tested and ready for migration by the end of September. Some work has already been identified that will not be completed by September 30th (for example: Employee Expense Report receipt attachments)

What does this mean for the remainder of the duration of the project?

The development, application support and core teams will focus their efforts on the migration of customizations from 8.9 to 9.1. They will continue to support the 8.9 application and will work on any emergency CSRs. Please note: Tue, Wed (1/2 day) and Thu are meant to be project focused days.

Emergency CSRs are those that meet the following criteria:

a. Data is getting corrupted due to a systemic process and is causing a consistent and significant accounting error that cannot be corrected via manual journal entries.

b. A high priority regulatory reporting requirement needs to be met.

c. All processing in a module is halted due to a systemic issue.

d. Project Management Team approves the Emergency CSR in their weekly meeting.

Can I open CSRs for new requests?

Yes, you may open new CSRs for new requests by working with your Stewards. They will be put in a hold queue during the upgrade and be part of the prioritization along with the milestone items that came out of the preview sessions.

Who can I escalate a critical issue to?

Please work with your module steward to escalate a critical issue. They in turn will work directly with the Application Specialists, Roger Freeman and Darpan Gokharu to allocate the resources to resolve such an issue.

Thank you.