Soon to leave

We’ve come to our finals moments here in England. We’ve seen so many different things, been to numerous places and heard a number of different languages. Within the area of London there various people from all over. I found it interesting how much art and the number of portraits you find around here. Everyday had been so busy that the days began to mix and time had been lost. Walking through the streets, riding the tube, taking the bus- everything started to become natural. It started to feel as if I had been here for much longer than 10 days. I’ve learned quite a lot from this trip, not only about the criminal justice system, but also the culture and the way of living in England. The people are different. The food is very different, even if it was the same place as back home in America. Though that may be the case, different was needed for this period of time. I’m glad to be going home soon, but this trip was incredible. It wouldn’t have been the same without the group of people that attended, either. If I had another opportunity to study abroad, I would definitely take it.