Crown Court: Old Bailey

It’s not everyday you get a chance to tour private areas of one of London’s highest and oldest courts. Old Bailey is a historic court house where some of the highest criminal offenses are charged. Our day started off here and we were escorted to one of the back rooms where the judges gather (not available to the public). One of the judges came in and spoke to us for a little about her career as a judge and the history of the building. After this we were given a little tour before we would go sit in on a case. The building is practically split in half with a new side and the old side. We were brought into Court room #1 which is mostly used for ceremonial purposes now, and only on occasion for cases. We learned about a case at a presentation a few days later that was actually tried in Court room #1, so it was nice to be able to make that connection. We then sat in on a case (different court room). One thing I found interesting is they still practice the old tradition of wearing the white wigs during cases. At this point in the case evidence was being heard, so we actually got to see the multiple weapons that were used during the assault. After, we were brought downstairs to see old ruins from the building that are still up (also not something ever open to the public). Overall, the visit to the Old Bailey was a great learning experience and such a great privilege.