Bohemians vs Shamrocks

Yesterday was one of the most interesting days we have had here. We visited the National Museum of Ireland and saw the “bog bodies” exhibit. The bog bodies are actual people that were buried and preserved in the bogs of Ireland. These types of corpses have been found in other bogs around Europe as well, however the three bodies we examined were found in Northern Ireland. This exhibit was so fascinating because of the state these people were found in. The bogs preserved them so well that not only did some have a full head of red hair but one also had a beard. Their skin looked leathery but easily identifiable. This has been my favorite museum experience so far. We also went to Ireland’s Museum of Modern Art. This trip was not as interesting as bog bodies but I enjoyed some of the paintings and the conversation we has about them. After dinner there was a rival soccer game Bohemians vs Shamrocks the shouting of insults and hustle and bustle of it all was very exciting. Unfortunately I left this game at half time and do not know how it ended.