Last night in Costa Rica

The trip today included the Poás Volcano and the Doka Coffee Plantation. Both sites were amazing. Now I am getting ready to go out tonight for our farewell dinner with the rest of the group. Dinner reservations are at a local restaurant high up in the mountains and offers a panoramic view of the city. I still need to pack my dirty laundry, hopefully I can fit everything in one bag so I don’t have to check my bag at the airport. Our flight to the US doesn’t leave until 1:01 pm which we’ll give plenty of time in the morning to get ready.

Dia Nueve

It is already Wednesday and we are getting ready to visit our last company Of this trip. Time really flies when you are having fun. This whole trip has been a really great experience for all of us. Yesterday I had the opportunity to take a walk downtown  in San Jose and visit a local market with lots of souvenir shops. A piece of advice, don’t buy anything until you have visit several stores, chances are that you might find the same or a similar item for a lot less at the next shop. Then later on we went out to eat at a local restaurant called Ave 2, the food was good and plentiful and the prices were reasonable. Overall people here are friendly and eager to please the tourists. Esto es todo por ahora. Chao.

Dia número tres en Costa Rica

Un dia mas en Costa Rica, yesterday we had the opportunity to visit a couple of companies. The difference between this two companies was quite striking, the first company was a manufacturing facility owned and operated by a British parent company, while the second company is a cooperative owned by milk producers from Costa Rica. today we are up early having breakfast and getting ready to pack because today we heading to Monte Verde. oops breaks fast is here, time to eat 😉

Dia dos en Costa Rica

So far we have been having a great time, ‘Ticos’ or locals are quite friendly and easy going, I can’t help to notice the similitudes with my own country in many different aspects. Last night was uneventful, went to bed a little early feeling tire from all the traveling. Today we had a visit with Edwin, a former UMass student from Costa Rica and had the opportunity to sample the local cuisine. We had a meeting in which Edwin explained some of the business aspects from a local’s point of view. Then we had lunch at a very good Mexican restaurant within a walking distance from hotel were we are staying and later on visited ‘El Museo del Oro’ in downtown San Jose, a well organized and interesting place.

Estoy listo para ir

Great job professor Lewis, Yo también estoy listo para ir a Costa Rica. However, I am still trying to figure out how to fit all the necessary clothing into one single carry on bag. I can’t wait to see all the wonderful things that Costa Rica has to offer.