Healthcare in Costa Rica

Sometimes you just have to experience it to believe it.  A day and half ago I came down with a stomach virus so bad the hotel had to call a doctor.  I was amazed to understand this doctor was willing to come to the hotel within 45 minutes.  He arrived and asked me many questions about where I’ve been and what I ate, followed by the typical sick visit events, blood pressure, temperature, etc.  He explained the diagnosis and prescribed me medications using only my first name, which I noticed after was misspelled.  He hand wrote the receipt for payment, packed up his medical bag and wished me well.  Professor Lewis was able to fill my prescriptions at the local pharmacy without any issues.

Never would I ever have expected a doctor to still make house calls, prescribe medication with minimal personal information and let a non-family member to pick it up. This is in stark difference to our medical care in the U.S.  If I was in the U.S. this same process of exam, diagnosis, and fill of the prescription would have taken many, many hours whereas my experience in Costa Rica took just 2 hours.

While my experience is admittedly limited it seems from talking to the doctor about it that the red tape and privacy laws are nonexistent which enables a more streamlined healthcare system.

I’m better now, just in time to head home.  I would like to thank all my friends and hotel staff for taking such good care of me.

Looking forward to being on U.S. soil, but will miss my new friends here in CR.