Happening Times in Monteverde

Hello world we’ve landed in Monteverde, St. Elena Costa Rica.  The drive up was the most treacherous I’ve ever been on, but we joked, teased and supported each other along the way.  Snapping pictures occupied our time when we discovered the road was closed and the alternative was muddy.  The driver got us through ok and we arrived in one piece.

We quickly settled and did what most people do, we went to check out the shopping and dining.  Both are more than adequate with many souvenir shops and funky places to eat.  The rain soon started and like San Jose, it rained like I’ve never seen, but only for a short time.  We headed to The Tree House for dinner – a very unusual restaurant that’s build around a tree, we had dinner then listened to live music.  We’re all had a great time.

This area of the world is so beautiful, I never know I could touch the sky, smell clouds, and be one with both.