Today was awesome! We arrived in Monteverde yesterday and I thought it wouldn’t be as fun because it is in the middle of nowhere, but turns out it’s very fun! We went to see the rainforest and then the hummingbird garden all in one day. We saw so many beautiful plants and scenery. I was fortunate enough to get a video of a toucan raiding through nests for an easy meal. We were also very lucky to see a quetzal, which is a rare bird that most people don’t get to see. Our guide hadn’t seen him in four days and he goes into the forest almost everyday for tours. We saw fungus, moss, beetles, flowers, and even a waterfall. After the rainforest adventure we visited another site with reptiles, insects, and a butterfly farm.
I was very pleased with the photos I was able to take as well. I experimented with color contrast on my Sony, and my Iphone took some memorable pictures too.