Costa Rica Here We Come!

Buenas Nochas All

I’ve purchased the sunblock, bug spray, walking shoes and assorted variety of what I believe, is essential Costa Rican paraphernalia. I’m ready to pack! I have lists that have lists and in case I forgot anything, I have an emergency list already in my neon orange backpack.  My office knows I’m leaving as well as my family and friends and, yes, they have lists, too.

In researching Costa Rica in an effort to understand their culture and how they live I quickly discovered they are polar opposite of us. They tend to be laid back, take it slow kind of folks and in comparison to us the United States it seems there is a huge disparity in our way of life and how we approach it.  In Hofstede’s cultural dimensions theory Costa Rica is largely a feminine, more passive society, whereas the U.S. is more masculine and assertive.  It will be very interesting to see these differences and experience them to understand if the dimensions are accurate.

I’m looking forward to my trip with fellow classmates and the professors. I had a hard time figuring out how to get all my stuff in a carry-on bag knowing that this was the preferred way to travel. I gave up, I’m checking a bag!

See you all at the airport and 0-dark-30.