The concretization of ideas of business

The university of Nanjing China is the most tangible fact of project execution that I have ever seen. Talking about Entrepreneurship and innovation, I have seen in the realization of this project an act of coordination and accomplishment. This new building located in Jiangsu China will replace or complete the old building that serves actually as host for lecturer or class Activities.

The story of evolution of mobile phone has attracted me the most. The number of mobile subscribers in China had doubled each year from 1994 to 2001. By the end of 2002 China had 206.3 million mobile telecommunications subscribers (MPT, MII,
1994–2002), and had become one of the hottest spots for the international and
domestic telecom operators, equipment and phone manufacturers in 2018. The challenge will be enormous for the generation of student coming out from college to get into this developing markets.