Mi primero dia en España

The jet-lag is real, ya’ll.

When I arrived in Cádiz, the first thing I did (after meeting my host mother and father and sisters – who are wonderful!) was nap. I woke up and took a short walk with my roommate before dinner, since we had some time to kill. Why? Well, because the people here in Spain normally eat dinner at 9:00 or 10:00 PM. Crazy difference, right? The dinner that my host mom prepared for us last night was muy delicioso – it was something called puchero. It was a soup, made from a delicious broth, that had hard-boiled eggs, ham, and rice in it. It was like a breakfast soup. I loved it. I found a similar recipe for this soup right here.

I did get some pretty cool pictures from that first walk, though.

Yeah. This is my home for the next 17 days.

Yesterday, I felt terrible. I was exhausted, irritable, anxious, and jet-lagged. Two minutes in, I already wanted to go home. I want to express to everybody thinking about studying abroad right now that THAT IS A NORMAL FEELING! Not even 24 hours later, that feeling passed, and now I am ecstatic to be here. Power through it, and keep thinking positive thoughts.

Soon enough, you’ll remember why you signed up for this. Once all that jet lag and anxiety passes, you’ll remember that this is the experience of a lifetime!