Working at the Univeristy of Cádiz

I’m so greatful for having the amazing opportunity to intership in Spain. I have enjoyed so much observing the teachers who are amazing at what they do. It is also amazing seeing all the different students working so hard to learn and showing much appreciation for having the oportunity to come here to learn Spanish. The staff at the school is also very friendly and welcoming, really make me feel like I actually work there.

Aside from that I loved the excursion to the winery at Santa Maria as I was at the place where the Santa Maria ship sailed out to the new world. I have never imagined I would ever be where everything started for us latin Americans. I feel lucky to be able here. The wine was exquisite too! I’m very thankful to my teacher for facilitating this amazing once in a lifetime oportunity to experience Spain in such depth.

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Cadiz is home!

I have been in Cadiz for 2 weeks now and I love it. It is such an enchanting place where I feel at home. It is a small city with much to do and see. I love how I could go out anywhere is the city and I feel safe. I mean the locals are out on the streets at 3am just haning out as if was 2 in the afternoon. The lifestyle in Cadiz is very attractive because it is much more relaxed than any other place I have ever been to. The people here do work but they seem much less stressed out and that is something I would like to learn to do.

The food is amazing here! Lots of sea food that is fresh and delicious; and the portions are just right (I love tapas). It is also reasonable in price. I love how I can go out at night and find so many nice places to eat at being such a small city. Like the local market which is my favorite place to go eat at night. It opens in the morning until 5pm then opens back up at 8:30pm and has all these small food places where people gather at to eat and socialize, the food is fresh all the time. At first I was reluctant about coming to a small city because in most small cities like this back in the states, everything closes very early, much certainly the local markets, but not in Cadiz! This makes the stay even much more enjoyable.

I love the resemblance of how the city was built has with my home country. Between the structure of the buidlings and the plazas, it takes me back to when I was growing up in Dominican Rep. This was the first aspect of the city that made me feel like home since I got here. Also, the people are very welcoming and just overall nice! The school is lovely and the teachers are definitely memorable in a very positive way. So far I have enjoyed both my class and the cultural experience here. It is making not want to go back.


Gallegan food from the local market.


Calle ancha.


Gallegan food place at the local market.