Cadiz and Tapas

Cadiz is an amazing, beautiful and exciting place.  It is hard to believe our time here is almost half over.   There is a very different feel  to daily life in cadiz.  There are always people on the streets but there is not the same rapid pace that is felt back in Boston.  When I walk thru the plaza by the Cathedral or plaza de San Antonio, de Flores or de Espana you see people everywhere engrossed in conversation and very few people focused on their phones, laptops or electric devices.  There is so much to see here, so much history to learn. Venturing out on my own I felt very safe here.  I have become lost a couple of times and while trying to read the map people have approached me to help me find my way or were more than happy to offer directions when asked.

What stands out for me in Cadiz is the Cathedral which is magnificent with its carved marble and wood, pipe organs and overall grandeur.   The audio tour provided an opportunity to move at ones own pace while absorbing the great detail.   I did miss one interesting exhibit in the catacombs.  I was glad Prof. Matz was present to suggest another look.
The next is the doors on the homes of cadiz.  They are not the standardized doors of homes we often see but each is different with detail and story to tell.  Some have the iron gates on the doors, others with a unique door handle  (look closely a couple have hands) or door knockers others with different designs or carved wood.
I loved the town of Vejer de la Frontera.  The winding cobblestone streets and white buildings perfectly matched the clean and quiet serenity of the old town.  We stood on the tower and were able to look across the sea to see Africa.  An old city filled with history but different than Cadiz.
Tonight was our cooking class and lesson on gastronomy! Amazing tapas, sangria and conversacion!  In addition to learning to prepare tapas we were treated to a presentation by Allie, Steph and Jonathan on the history of tapas, the important foods that are the foundation of Spanish tapas and were the best fresh markets are located.  Overall another great night in Cadiz!
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