First Official Day in Braga

We began our day by going on a food tour around Braga. Our tour guide brought us to the most common places for the Portuguese and served the most common dishes. To start we were brought to a place where cheese can be bought. We were given three different kinds of cheese to try. The Melgaso choose is the small white one made by goat milk. The long yellow-ish cheese with a black strip on the top is made of raw milk and its process is nine months of aging. The other cheese was sheep cheese and it is brought from the highest mountain in Portugal. Next to the cheeses there was bread with olive oil on it. That olive oil is found far from the coast and from the back side if a mountain.

Later that day we were taken to a cafĂ© called Sem Limite and they served us Bifanas, which were bread stuffed with pieces of pork in them. Then they Brought us chicken gizards, which were considered chicken stomach. To me the taste was pleasing but the aftertaste wasn’t as much. After that, we went to a cafe called Lusi Tana and there they served us any coffee we wanted to order for dessert along with some biscuit-like sticks and a sweet bread with white powdered sugar on top. Then we were sent off to enjoy the day on our own.