Ponta Delgada (5/26 to 5/29)

During our last few days in the Azores, we went back to Ponta Delgada. We explored more natural pools and other high points of the island that we didn’t already see in the first couple of days that we were there. We also were able to see the end parts of the festival and the dried flowers that were covering the streets still. We were also able to see the parade of old police cars, taxis, fire trucks and motorcycles. I especially loved the motorcycles because I grew up on motorcycles. My dad owned a Harley Davidson and I was so surprised and excited to see Harleys in the Azores. We also heard some woman singing in Portuguese, which was really beautiful to hear as well. When we heard that there was a sacrifice and offers of small domestic animals we originally thought that they were going to kill the animals. I didn’t want to watch that but it ended up being an auction of the animals instead. I was relieved. On our free day I was able to grab some souvenirs for my friends and family that I thought would be interesting and different to take home to them. The day before we left, we were able to go back to the University of Azores and get some insight from Andre Laranjinha about the photos we took throughout our trip. We also got to see a film that he made about making wine. I thought that it was nice to get feed back on our work but also be able to see his work as well. I do wish that we were able to have this visit in the beginning of our trip so we could have his advice before we left. We were also able to check out a ceramic manufacturing place where we saw women making pottery by hand. It was pretty fascinating seeing the different types of clay that is used in the making of the pottery created. The morning before we left, a couple of friends and I took a walk along the water and just sat, relaxed and took in the last bit of the Azores that we could. We reflected on our experience and what we took away from the trip.

I will forever remember this trip and all of the amazing people that were on it. I want to thank them all for the memories that will never be forgotten!