Graciosa (5/23 & 5/24)

The start of our day in Graciosa was to photograph or participate in the religious procession. In this procession, at least one person from each family in Graciosa is supposed to participate. Some even walk barefoot all the way up the mountain to the church to have mass. After the procession we went to the Graciosa Museum, which was open just for us to check out. We were able to see old tools that people used to the fashion and music of Graciosa. We also left our mark by writing in the museums book of visitors.

We also saw a “whale” that turned out just to be a rock that looked like a whale. The tour guides thought it was hilarious that they tricked us into thinking we were going to see a real whale. We were able to see the lighthouse that was next to the rock. At the lighthouse we were able to meet the dog that was there and he was very friendly along with his owners who were laughing at us because we loved the dog so much. We then walked down to the ocean cove and took some photos there. It was scary stepping close to the edge (not too close) but it was an amazing view and so peaceful to be around.

Throughout the day, we went to a couple of different farms. One was a working farm where a farmer and his wife were milking their cows. We were able to see this process and we were also given the opportunity to milk the cows, which were very interesting, and quite the funny experience. The farmers also let us try the milk from the cow. It was not like regular milk. It was warm and did not taste very good. We also went to a farm and the house of an amazing artist that had rare dwarf donkeys. I think that this was my favorite part of the trip. I had a crazy connection with these donkeys they were just so sweet and curious. They loved to be pet and paid attention to. I could have spent all day with them. I didn’t think I would like donkeys so much. We went over to the artist’s home where there were baby donkeys and also a bunch of cats. We listened to his stories about his other visitors and we played with the cats and also wrote short letters in his notebook where other visitors wrote in as well. I really enjoyed being able to leave my mark in these few places it made the experience even more special and memorable. At the end of the day before seeing other scenic views and going back to the hotel, we stopped by another small farm where there were bulls. The tour guy was talking to the farmer about the boys wanting to do the running of the bulls, so the farmer took the baby bull and let the boys run around with it. I was pulled into where the baby bull was and literally had to take the bull by the horns. It was fun to say the least and even funnier watching the boys run from the baby bull.