Day 9/10, Azores

Back with the same tour guides we had when we first got to Azores, we started off our tour at a ceramics factory. All of the pieces were hand made and I bought a few of them for my family members, knowing they would appreciate the craftsmanship. We then went to look at a breathtaking view of fire lake, and what was just as interesting as the lake, were the goats keeping their balance on the side of steep mountains. We visited the university shortly after and each of us presented a set of our pictures to be critiqued by one of their professors.

Following the critique, some of us met up with a couple of local girls who showed us around the island. They took us to a natural spring, a mini pool where you could soak your feet in hot water, then to a black sand beach. We had a great conversation with them and still stay in touch.

The day after, we took off from Ponta Delgada around 12pm and landed back in Boston around 5:30pm. The trip was over, but the memories will last forever.