Scavenger hunt

For extra credit find these art items in Italy and take a selfie with them & post it here.

  1. Michelangelo Buonarroti’s signature on a work of his own.
  2. A portrait of Simona Vespucci
  3. a lactating virgin
  4. a Roman hermaphrodite
  5. a snake with a woman’s head
  6. a woman becoming a tree
  7. children being raised by wolves
  8. an example of pre-20th century graffiti
  9. a Pygmalion and Galatea
  10. a tiny Monticello
  11. a man holding his own skin
  12. an example of ancient Roman capital typography
  13. an example of Carolingian minuscule
  14. a Renaissance art work made by a woman (1350-1650)
  15. an image of a famous son of a pope
  16. a portrait of Leda and the Swan
  17. a portrait of Io
  18. a portrait of Apollo and Marsyas
  19. a Danae
  20. an image of Charity

Hello world!

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