So…how do we stay warm?

How do we stay warm? Sometimes, the answer feels like, “We don’t.” But really, we go through bursts of hot and freezing.

I’m hot when:

  1. I’m hiking up That Hill, or its only slightly less sinister and as yet unnamed twin on the opposite side of Rhone Glacier.
  2. I’m sitting in the corner of the Scott tent furthest from the door when the cook stove is on.

I’m comfortably warm when:

  1. I’ve warmed up from the cook stove and have snuggled into my sleeping bag with toe warmers, two hot water bottles, two pairs of pants, two pairs of socks, three shirts, a sleeping bag liner, a thin coat above the sleeping bag and over my legs, Big Red over my torso, clothes shoved into the sleeping bag (along with my phone, camera, and radio, to keep the batteries warm), a neck gaiter, my hat pulled down over my eyes, and the sleeping bag hood pulled tight, AND it’s within five hours of going to bed, when the heat has not yet dissipated.
  2. I’ve hit the perfect point during shoveling/chiseling/drilling when I’m producing plenty of body heat but not yet enough to make me sweaty.

I’m cold when:

  1. All other times.
Mentally preparing myself to get very cold in a few hours.

Mentally preparing myself to get very cold in a few hours.

It took about a week, but I’ve figured out which clothes I should wear when in order to stay most comfortable. I love the neck gaiter. I love hand warmers and toe warmers, when I can get them working. I LOVE the snow goggles, which keep my eyes warm. Warm eyes! Treat yo’self.