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Joventut Ayutament de Valencia

Joventut Ayutament de Valencia

Arriving to a new country a lot of excitement and nervousness ran through my mind. I was ready to start this experience but more ready to start my internship where I was going to be working with people that I did not know. When I first started my internship I did not know what to expect. A lot of mixed feelings were running through my body because I was very nervous to meet my new colleagues. However, after a week at my internship I can say that I love all my co-workers. They are very polite and nice to me. Since the first day, they have made me feel like I am part of the organization family, I feel like I am home. The colleagues at my internship placement are very open minding; they all work together as a team to better the organization. From my point of view, they all have a respectful, fun relationship. Every morning we all go down to a small Bar Cafe where we all buy a small snack and eat while we are joking around and talking about anything. I love the part of the morning because I get to see each of my co-workers role and relationship.

Most of the people at my placement are in their 30s. However, they are very fun people to work with. They joke around a lot but at the same time they know each of their boundaries. During work time, I can say that everyone at the office work very hard and also work as a team and help each other when needed. Most of the colleagues at my office are girls. They all have similar personality. One of the things that I noticed while working there is that they all are really close and comfortable with each other, in fact when one is really stress they all help the person feel better. Also I feel like we all have the same interest, for example the other day we were all excited and talking about a new show on Netflix that we are all watching. In addition I thought my placement was going to be a more professional environment, but it is not. I get to dress semi casual and very comfortable. Everyone there wears confortable clothes and they are all very chill.

I am very happy to be able to have this opportunity to inter in an organization in Spain because I am learning a lot of new things about other culture. Also working in the city hall of youth I get to see how the co-workers interact with each other and how free they are when it comes to being themselves. They are free to express their thoughts. This is very valuable to me because I am learning that I can be myself and express my thoughts and ideas to other people.