Summit – Fiscal Year End

Summit – Year End and New Fiscal Year

In July, prior to the close of the FY16 fiscal year, users may not see all of their Fiscal Year Fund Balance type funds (i.e. PI Overhead & Department Discretionary) in Summit. If the fund has not had any activity in FY17, the fund will not be listed on the Summary page in Summit. Once the initial close of FY16 is done on Friday, July 15th, the FY16 ending balances will be carried forward as the FY17 beginning fund balances and users will see all of their Fiscal Year Fund Balance type funds in Summit. If a user’s fund has had activity in July, the fund will be listed on the Summary page in Summit, but the beginning fund balance will be 0.00 until the initial close of FY16 is done on Friday, July 15th. If the user changes the ‘Through Fiscal Period’ back to 2016-12 (Jun, 2016), the user will see all of their Fiscal Year Fund Balance type funds and the ending balance at June 30, 2016.


Finance Tools & Database Upgrade

This is a reminder that the Finance Tools and Database Upgrade begins on Thursday, May 12, at the close of business (5:00 PM).

1. Finance Production: will not be available Thursday (after 5 PM), Friday, Saturday or Sunday; May 12 (5 PM) – May 15.

2. Finance Reporting: will be available on Friday, May 13 with data as of Wednesday, May 11 (post batch). Finance Reporting will not be available on Saturday or Sunday.

3. Finance Production and Reporting: will be available on Monday morning, May 16. Batch will have run on Sunday so data will be up to date in both environments.

4. Summit:
a. Summit availability will not change during this time. Summit Finance data during the event will be as of Wednesday, May 11 (post batch).
b. Summit batch will have run on Sunday so Finance data will be up to date on Monday morning, May 16.

5. Buyways: users can login and perform searches, but there is no communication to PeopleSoft during the downtime.

You will receive status messages throughout the weekend informing you of our progress.

5/9/14 Welcome OfficeMax

Please join the Procurement Office this morning as we welcome OfficeMax to campus. Dennis Sullivan, our dedicated OfficeMax Sales Representative will be on campus for a meet and greet, to introduce himself and answer questions about OfficeMax. We will hold two welcome sessions:

Dugan 204 9:00am ‘ 10:00am
Hall 10:30am’11:30am

Bring your old WB Mason catalog to trade in for an OfficeMax catalog. There will be coffee and pastries and a chance to win an OfficeMax gift basket!

Please remember that today Friday May 9th will be the last day to place WB Mason orders.

On Friday, May 16th OfficeMax will host web-based introduction session. Join us for this introduction right from your computer and learn valuable tips that will save you time and enhance your office supply ordering process. If you are unable to attend at this time, the webinar will be recorded and the link will be posted on the Procurement Website. Please see the meeting details below:

Meeting Name: UMASS – OfficeMax Webinar

When: 05/16/2014 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Audio Conference Details:

Conference Number: +1 866-257-2680

Conference Code: 5954756157

To join the meeting:

We hope to see you this Morning.

Thank you,


Michael E. Durkin
Senior Assoc. Director of Purchasing and Campus Services

5/2/14 – Fiscal 2014 Year-end Close


To: Vice Chancellors, Deans, Directors, and Financial Administrators

From: Brent Morgan, Controller

Tom Hoole, Director of Procurement Services

Date: May 2, 2014

Subject: Fiscal 2014 Year-end Close

As we prepare for the end of the fiscal year, we ask your assistance in ensuring an orderlyfinancial closing process. The following memorandum provides important information andcut-off dates to be followed. While many administrators may be familiar with the pastclosing process, we ask all administrators to review the information below as someinformation has changed for this year.

The memorandum is divided into 3 sections: 1) Administrative Oversight 2) Cut-off Datesfor Campus Transactions, and 3) Training and Assistance.

Procurement Services will hold information sessions on year-end procedures onWednesday, May 28th at 1:00 p.m. Cumnock Hall, Trustees Room; and on Tuesday, June 3rdat 9:30 a.m. in the Health and Human Sciences Building, Room 150.

These sessions will also be broadcast live via GoToMeeting web conferencing. Please register two days in advance for these web sessions so we may send you the log-in information. For additional procurement information, demonstrations, and training sessions, please visit the Procurement Services website.

Please take a moment to review the following information and understand the impact onyour budget and area of your responsibility. We hope this information is helpful andappreciate your feedback concerning the year-end process and training programs.

Comments may be addressed to the Controller’s Office.

Read the full FY 14 Year End Close Memorandum with dates and deadlines here.

Thank you for your assistance to ensure a successful closing.

3/19/14 – Changes to Access Request Process

UMass Lowell is now using DocuSign as an electronic signature tool within the Access Request Process for the Finance System. This is intended to improve campus compliance with security access policies while doing so without the need for paper to shuffle from office-to-office.

As part of new procedures, all managers/supervisors must sign-off on access requests for any of their employees. The campus data custodians for each functional area will authorize the specific security roles and the Information Technology office will update the security settings once all approvals have been collected.

Managers may receive emails from Docusign and need to take action for these security requests to be processed. A sample of these emails is below:


New access request forms can be found at either of the following locations:

If you have any questions about this new process please email .

3/7/14 New Travel Program Announcement

MESSAGE FROM: Thomas S. Hoole, C.P.M.,Director of Procurement Services

Purchasing, working in conjunction with the UMass System Office and other campuses, is pleased to announce a new travel initiative that will provide new resources to the UMass Lowell community for their travel needs. These new resources will include an online booking tool and a traditional travel agency to assist with your travel bookings in the future. The online booking tool known as Egencia is the corporate arm of and will be recommended for basic domestic travel bookings. The traditional agency known as the Travel Collaborative will bring a high level of service to international travelers and some of the more complex domestic trips. All of this will be accessible from the catalog section of BuyWays or the Procurement web page.

Please join us on Thursday, March 13th at one of two presentations as we unveil this new travel program. You will get to hear more about the program, meet representatives from both agencies and see a demonstration of the Egencia tool. We will be offering a session on North campus in the morning and South Campus in the afternoon. Details below:

Date: Thursday, March 13th
Time: 10 ‘ 12
Place: North Campus;Cumnock Hall;Trustee Room

Date: Thursday, March 13th
Time: 1 ‘ 3
Place: South Campus;Health and Social Sciences Building (HSSB)Room 150

We look forward to seeing you next week.


5/24/13 Fiscal Year End Information

As we prepare for the end of the fiscal year, we ask your assistance in ensuring an orderly financial closing process. Please be aware of important information and cut-off dates. While many administrators may be familiar with the past closing process, we ask all administrators to review the information at as some information has changed for this year.

At you will find:
‘ Cut-off Dates
‘ Cash/Checks
‘ Budgets
‘ Purchasing
‘ BuyWays ‘ new system-wide eProcurement
‘ Procard
‘ Accounts Payable
‘ Travel
‘ Training/Assistance/Information

The Purchasing Office will hold information sessions on year-end procedures on Tuesday, June 4 from 9’10 a.m. in Cumnock Hall Trustees Room; and on Thursday, June 6 from 2’3 p.m. in Dugan Hall, Room 105. For information, demonstrations, and training sessions on UMass BuyWays, the new system-wide eProcurement system going live on July 1, please see the UMass BuyWays web page.

Comments concerning the year-end process and training programs may be addressed to Thank you for your cooperation in assisting a successful closing.

4/16/13 Summit Upgrade is Complete

Over the weekend SUMMIT dashboards for Finance and HR Directwas upgraded to version 11G and is now available. This upgrade is mostly technical in nature however you will notice a few changes to prompts, navigation and general formatting. This upgrade puts us in a position to utilize new technology and featuresenabling us to roll out enhancements in the near future.

Below is important information you should be aware of regarding the upgrade.

Logging in for the First Time?

New URL ‘ If you log into Summit from the Empac home page or HR Direct, no action is required. If you have saved the Summit URL as a favorite, please use the new URL to access SUMMIT.For more information, please see

Summit Upgrade – updating your bookmarks.pdf

Home Page ‘you will notice the home page has changed. To access your dashboards use the ‘Dashboard’ drop down list found at the top mid right


A list of your available dashboards will appear, click on the dashboard you would like to access, note Finance dashboards are listed under FDM Reports and HR dashboards are listed under HCM Reports.


You do have the ability to save a default dashboard and bypass the home page, see detailed instructions—

Summit 11G Setting a Default Dashbaord.pdf

What’s New?

Filters ‘ now include the ability to access a search function to find criteria based upon text entered. Clicking the More/Search’ Box will open a pop-up window which allows you to search for the criteria.

Apply Button ‘ this button replaces the ‘GO’ button, use this button to retrieve your data.

Reset Button ‘ this button replaces the ‘Clear Filter’ button, use this button to clear your filter criteria.

Return to Summary link ‘ this now appears as a link rather than a button and can be found at the top and bottom of most Activity pages.

Export Link – replaces the Download/Print option on individual widgets, accessing this link will give you the option to download to PDF, Excel, PowerPoint, Web, or to download data only.

If you have any questions or issues please email Maura Shield at or Nancy Ritchie at

4/12/13 Summit Upgrade has begun and….

As planned, the Summit system is now unavailable for finance and human resource dashboard reporting. The Summit system is being upgraded to version 11g of Oracle’s enterprise reporting / business intelligence software.The project team began the upgrade process starting at 5:30pm Fridayand expectto release the updatedsystem for all users byTuesday afternoon.

More information will be posted on as the new system becomes available.

11/5/12 Summit Training Scheduled

Summit Training sessions are being offered this Fall to support Finance System users. This training will focus on access to the Finance System dashboards that support department administrators, managers, and PIs.

Training is conducted by the Comptroller’s Office with Maura Shield as the lead contact.

Training dates:
Friday November 9 9-11:00 O’Leary 237
Wednesday November 14 2-4:00 Southwick 302
Monday November 19 9-11:00 O’Leary 237

Tuesday November 20 2-4:00 Southwick 302 (CANCELLED)