27 Days into Thailand

My thoughts on the first 27 days on Thailand? Well, I can certainly tell you that I have had one of the best times of my life here so far. At first, it can be scary to think about going to a new country especially when all your friends and family are warning you about the possible dangers, every second of every minute but what country doesn’t have their up and their downs. Upon arrival, I could immediately tell why this country was called the “Land of Smiles”. Every corner I turned, I saw someones genuine smile just for the heck of it! The locals are so amazingly nice and they’re willing to help you whenever you’re stuck in a situation.

Now, fast forwarding to what I’ve done these past days (I’ll post about each individual activity after but for now I’ll give a summary)

  • Got to meet amazing people in my program and school
  • Fed and gave baths to elephants at a sanctuary
  • Saw 7 beautiful waterfalls all in one hike
  • Got to experience an awesome night life
  • Life in color (An EDM concert) with my Thai classmates
  • Visit a female temple and learned their way of mediating 
  • A friends trip to Koh Samet  (a beautiful island)
  • Experienced a floating market (Ampawa)
  • Slept on the floating hut over the ocean!!
  • Explored Bangkok and Salaya + my university
  • and Seen about beautiful 4 temples

There is so much more that I haven’t listed but I am definitely excited for what the rest of my time in Thailand has for me!