Travel Program Frequently Asked Questions




What is the benefit of using the Travel Program?

  • Access to University travel discounts
  • One stop shopping – saves time
  • Reporting: data needed in order to negotiate travel contracts, thus resulting in savings for the University
  • Duty of Care: location of travelers in the event of an emergency


What if I don’t use one of our preferred agencies?

When travel is booked outside of the Travel Program, the following situations occur:

  • High potential of missed savings.
  • Unable to get the data we need to secure future contracts
  • Missed revenue puts our current contracts in jeopardy.
  • Missed mileage credit for the Airline Corporate Rewards Program*
  • Unknown location of our travelers


Am I limited as to what I can book through our preferred agencies?

No.  Both agencies have access to every airline, hotel, and car agency in the world, and would offer the same deals as you would find booking elsewhere.


How do I determine which agency to use?

Egencia would be a good choice for simple point-to-point domestic reservations, Amtrak, or hotel and car reservations.  Folks who are comfortable with booking travel on-line.  The tool is very similar to the on-line travel sites like Expedia or Priceline.

The Travel Collaborative is a good choice for complex domestic travel (visits to two or more cities) and international travel.  Travelers who generally require assistance while on the road, group travel or those who prefer personalized service.


I have to make a change to my airline reservation.  Do I have to pay a change fee?

Airlines do charge change fees.  The fee will depend on what type of fare you originally booked.  There are rules and restrictions associated with every fare, so please make sure you know what the ‘rules and restrictions’ are prior to purchase.

In addition to airline fees, the agency will charge a fee to exchange your ticket.




Are my travel arrangements direct-billed if I book through our preferred agencies?

No.   Credit Cards are required to make air/hotel/car reservations.  Travelers must have a credit card in their name at check-in, in order to process hotel and car rental reservations.


I am booking travel for a University guest, can I have their travel arrangements pre-paid? 

AIRFARE:  A University credit card can be used to book airfare.   If the ticket needs to be changed, the change should be made by the person who originally booked the trip (University travel arranger).  If not, the traveler will be responsible for furnishing a credit card for any fare difference or change fees in result of the change.

HOTELS:     Contact hotel directly, as they may work with you in having the room pre-paid to a University credit card.   However, the hotel will require that the guest have a credit card in their name upon check-in for incidentals.

CAR RENTALS:  Car rentals should never be pre-paid under any circumstances, due to liability.   A driver’s license and credit card in renters name will be required upon check-in.


Does the University have any travel contracts/discounts in place?

Yes, the University has contracts in place with several airlines, hotels and ground transportation companies.  Please visit the TRAVEL PROGRAM – TRAVEL AGREEMENTS webpage for more information about our agreements.    As we secure new contracts, this page is updated regularly, so please keep checking back.


Can I take advantage of University contract/discounts if I book my travel directly with the airline or another agency?

No.  University contracts/discounts are only available booking through our preferred agencies.


How do I know if I’m getting a discount?

Discounts from University contracts are applied automatically if your itinerary qualifies.  In the booking tool, these negotiated fares will populate at the top of your search if applicable.


I understand that we have a Shuttle Program in place.  What’s that about?

Yes, this is a contract available to University travelers.  Shuttle flights out of Boston on JetBlue and USAir.  Both airlines offer un-restricted fares in the Washington DC and New York City markets.  Very reasonable low fares that allow the freedom to make changes without a change fee.  Changes may result in a higher fare, in which the traveler would be responsible in paying the difference.   Tickets are refundable.  Please see Travel Agreements webpage for more information about this contract.





My spouse is accompanying me on a business trip, and I am paying for their ticket.  Can I book the ticket through the Travel Program?

Yes.  If you are booking your trip through the Egencia booking tool, you need to request a ‘Guest Account’ in order to book your spouse’s ticket.  Please reach out to your campus Travel Administrator to request a guest account.   The Travel Collaborative will assist with spousal travel.


Should I book through the Travel Program if I am attending a conference?

Yes, unless special arrangements for discounted fares have been made through the conference.  Typically, conferences have special rates and room blocks at the hotel for their attendees.  If this is the case, please book your hotel directly through the conference.  Airfare can still be booked through the Travel Program.


Can I use the Travel Program for personal travel?

You are free to use the Travel Collaborative for personal travel, just advise the agent upon calling.
As for Egencia, the booking tool is designed for business travel and any travel booked through Egencia will show up on University reports. is the ‘vacation side’ of Egencia, you may want to check that out.



*The University is a member of the United and Delta Airlines Corporate Rewards Program.  The University earns free tickets for travel booked on these carriers, which is later disbursed among the campuses for business use.   Earned travel is tracked and managed through the Travel Program.

The University does not receive credit for flights booked outside of the Travel Program.

Egencia Booking Tool:  please visit the Egencia webpage for pertinent information regarding the booking tool including the ‘Egencia Must Know Reference Guide’.

Travel Collaborative:  please visit the Travel Collaborative webpage for more information about the agency.  Click on the ‘website’ link to meet their agents.

Questions about the Travel Program:  please reach out to your campus Travel Administrator.