Sharp Sight Labs

DS Students – just want to point you to Sharp Sight Labs –

A founder / author from Sharp Sight Labs (wrote the post about learning R first for data science) has been very helpful in pointing me to several new developments relevant to exercise physiology, data science and health analytics.

On the user end – what people wear:

Athos ; quite a wired shirt, just another step in the direction of wearable computing. If you decide to take the course on Getting and Cleaning Data you will learn techniques in R for getting data from various sources and integrating them into a clean and tidy data set for analysis. In fact, the course project for that class is based on data collected from wearable computing sensors (accelerometers).

Apple Watch : which integrates with the iPhone of course and has the potential to provide a very powerful system for health analytics given the opportunity for data about context, causes and effects, as pointed out to me by Sharp Sight Labs.

On the backend – where the data exists and data analysis starts:

These are both APIs (well Samsung’s is an AMI, I suppose, to be honest I am not completely sure of what the difference is); an API is an application programming interface. You can learn more about getting data from an API in the Getting and Cleaning Data course – at least enough to get you started if you want to go in that direction.

Why you should start with R for data science

I found this post on R-bloggers helpful and affirming given the upcoming semester. Recall the directed study students will be learning the statistical programming language R:

Here is a link to the post:

From Sharp Sight Labs: